jueves, 19 de abril de 2007


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hello I like much your blog this all either your colors emphasize in the work your photos estan or...


hello Julber I like much your blog this or ordered continuous one asi that you go or bye

hello professor this very pretty his blog has sees everything what it likes its daily routine and its family I enchant its classes and as explains happy estaria if you returned to give classes me
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With these brief words I present my project final where aprendi many things in English I, like for example the dialogues, the compocisiones brief. And in the first place I am thankful to him to professor Doris Molero to have taught to me during this period... Sarelis Finol...

brief compositions

they are dancing in a theater

this swimming

they are singing

they are walking

brief compositions

its name is Carlos Rodriguez is doctor works in the clinic sucre its specialization is cirugano my opinion is that I do not like that race.

its name it is Alberto Mejias is engineer likes much to which it is dedicated works in the recoval company my opinion is that I like much that race and someday wanted to be able to exert it.

its name it is Manuel Duarte is designer likes much what does works in the company braperca and my opinion is that I do not like to design

its name is antonio Avila is lawyer dedicates much to its profession because it likes what does and since does, my opinion is that the race attracts a little to me but it does not stop to exert it



My father is name is Ramon and My Mother is name is Sara I have one brother. My brother is name Ramon Enrique.

The daily routine

the daily routine

I rise to 5 in the morning

I bathe fast

I take hold a taxi to arrive early at the university

I arrive at university for my workings from every day

here I am going from the university to my house

to twelve I am transferred to my house

I sleep after an exhausting day

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007


Hi, I´m Sarelis, my last name is Finol.I am in my house sitiing in the arm chair.I am in from of flowers The flower are on the table. Nigth and the temperature is cool. I am wearing white it´s blouse and black pants..